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High Energy
High energy, your love is lifting me-ah
Hoh-oh-oh-oh, high energy, your love is lifting me
Lifting me higher, hi-hi-higher

It was only last week that we first met
When I was a-walking' down the street
You came up from behi-ind me and I knew
That our eyes were gonna meet

That's when I fell, into your arms
Ima-agine my surprise
I thought this only happened in fairytales
Lo-ove hit me right between the eye-eyes

Oh yeah, high energy, your love is lifting me
Woh-oh-woh-oh-oh, high energy, yeah
Your love is lifting me
Lifting me higher, hi-higher

When you call me on the phone
You make my spirits rise
I'm glad the others didn't last
It's a blessing in disguise

Everytime your touchin' me
It gives me such a thrill
When I look deep into your eyes
My heart just can't keep sti-i-i-ill, oh no

High energy, yeah, your love is lifting me
Woh-woh-woh-woh-woh, high energy, woh yeah
Your love is lifting me
Lifting me hi-i-i-igh (high energy)
Oh-high-high, (your love is lifting me)
Wooooh-hooo-hooo-hoo (high energy), high-yeah-yeah-eah
(Your love is lifting me) Lifting me higher, higher

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